Reena can be seen and heard in Guggenheim Fellowship Recipient, Nina Paley’s Award Winning Animated Feature Film, Sita Sings the Blues, where she was the speaking voice of Sita as well as singer + choreographer + rotoscoped dancer of the song "Agni Pariksha" from the film. Her Husband, musician/singer/producer Todd Michaelsen, composed the music score & original songs for the film.

Reena had the opportunity to be a Cultural Ambassador through the US Embassy in Peru and represent Sita Sings The Blues. She taught Master Classes in Indian Dance for 2 weeks throughout Peru during the American Film Institute's Project 20/20 Tour which included 4 cities: Lima, Cusco, Puerto Maldonado, & Tarapoto. It was a true cross-cultural experience for Reena and the local communities involved. The AFI's Project 20/20 Program has now transitioned over to the The Sundance Institute as Film Forward: Advancing Cultural Dialogue.